Mortgage Options for Your Current Property

Looking to sell your current home and buy a new home? Before you decide to sell, consider whether renting out your house makes financial sense for you. As you evaluate the pros and cons of selling versus renting, here are some tips to help you make a more informed decision. Turning your home into investment property could be a good financial move for you for several reasons: Do some quick calculations to estimate your monthly cash flow if you choose to rent out your house. Keep in mind that y

Making an Offer to Purchase Your First Home

You found your dream home and you’re ready to buy. You’ve talked to your financing company and know how much you can afford. Now it’s time to get down to business and make an offer. As you begin the negotiating process, keep 3 things in mind: Because the offer to purchase is a legal document you may want to consider working with a real estate agent or lawyer to ensure that you’ve sufficiently identified and detailed all the terms to include. An agent will also help you personalize your offer.

Budgeting for Closing, Moving and Move-In Costs

The fees and costs associated with buying a home, closing on it, moving—and moving in—can add up quickly. As you go through these steps, there’s a good chance you’ll have a number of questions. These questions might include: Closing costs are one-time fees associated with the sale of a home, generally provided to the buyer for payment three days before the home purchase is finalized. Most experts agree you should try to set aside roughly 3% of your home’s purchase price to cover closing costs. | Vocal Training Boston | Vocal Coaching | Vocal Teaching Boston | Music Research

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